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Leaflets printing Warsaw 
Flyers printing Warsaw | pharmaceutical flyers

We offer leaflets printing in both digital technology (for low quantities and short turnaround) and offset technology (for medium to high quantities) using modern Heidelberg machines. In leafle printing, we provide various types of coated, uncoated, and decorative papers in different weights ranging from 90g to 350g.

To enhance the quality, we can embellish them with matte, gloss, or soft-touch lamination. Additionally, we offer foiling, silvering, die-cutting, and spot UV varnishing. There is also the possibility of using special printing with neon toners or those visible only under UV light. On eco-friendly Kraft paper and colored papers, we print with white ink.

Our services are available in Poland as well as in most European countries.

Type of leaflets printing in our offer

Standard Flyers


  • Flyer Size: A4, A5, A6, DL
  • Paper: matte or glossy coated paper or offset paper, 90-350g
  • Color Scheme: black and white (1+1) / full-color (4+4) + additional Pantone color (5+5)
  • Enhancements: matte / glossy / soft-touch lamination, spot UV varnish, foiling
  • Turnaround Time: 1-2 days – digital printing, 3-5 days – offset printing

Folded Leaflets


  • Folded Flyer Size: A4, A5, A6, DL
  • Paper: matte or glossy coated paper or offset paper, 90-350g
  • Folding: C-fold, Z-fold, window fold, accordion fold, map fold
  • Color Scheme: black and white (1+1) / full-color (4+4) + additional Pantone color (5+5)
  • Enhancements: matte / glossy / soft-touch lamination, spot UV varnish, foiling
  • Turnaround Time: 1-2 days – digital printing, 3-5 days – offset printing

Pharmaceutical Flyers


  • Folded Flyer Size: to be determined
  • Paper: matte or glossy coated paper or offset paper, 60-90g
  • Folding: to be determined
  • Color Scheme: black and white (1+1) / full-color (4+4) + additional Pantone color (5+5)
  • Turnaround Time: 3-5 days – digital printing, 5-7 days – offset printing

Other types of prints using offset technology

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Each inquiry in our printing house is priced individually. We calculate the estimate based on the inquiry sent by email,
and we promptly send the quotation. We offer assistance in preparing files for printing.

Technical specifications for flyer printing

Standard Flyers, Folded Leaflets, Pharmaceutical Flyers

Despite the growing popularity of online advertising, flyers remain an effective way to reach customers and are one of the most popular advertising materials. Their physical presence in the hands of potential customers attracts attention and leaves a lasting impression. One significant advantage of flyers is their local effectiveness – they can be distributed in the vicinity, which is ideal for small, local businesses. Printed flyers are easy to store, and customers often refer back to them. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive to produce and distribute, making them an attractive marketing tool. In times when most advertising moves to the internet, the traditional form of a flyer can once again provide a competitive advantage.

Although a flyer as a common form of advertising seems straightforward to design, it’s best to leave its preparation to professionals. An effective flyer must grab attention, interest, and encourage further reading. Otherwise, it might end up in the trash. Our experienced graphic design studio and flyer printing house in Warsaw, offering the highest quality printing, will help you prepare and print attractive and effective flyers.

Print run and printing technology – offset or digital printing?

Depending on the turnaround time and print quantity, we offer flyer printing in two technologies, ensuring the highest quality. In brief, digital printing allows for quick turnaround and is cost-effective for small and medium print runs. Offset technology is more cost-effective for larger print runs but involves a slightly longer turnaround time.

Depending on their purpose, we distinguish several types of flyers:

Promotional flyers – inform about current offers and promotions, sometimes including coupons, discounts, or other incentives to take advantage of the offer immediately. Informational flyers – often folded flyers, providing important information about products or services offered by a company. They inform about the benefits of using their services and include detailed contact information. Often, these types of flyers leave space for the contact details of a local company representative. Event flyers – occasional flyers promoting various events, concerts, shows. Menu flyers – enticing visitors to visit a local restaurant or café. Advertising flyers – providing more detailed information about products or services, including high-quality images, often in a refined, eye-catching form.

They differ in their usage, so they require adjustments in paper type, weight, and folding method.

Paper type, weight – flyer printing

We typically print on coated paper (matte/gloss) or offset paper with a weight of 90-350g. Pharmaceutical flyers are printed on low weight paper, 60-70g. For flyers with a large number of images, we recommend thicker paper starting from 170g to avoid image bleed-through. Thicker flyers printed on 170g, 250g, 350g paper can be enhanced with laminations. We also offer decorative papers, colored in the mass, used in premium quality publications. Eco-friendly white offset paper and brown paper (kraft) are gaining popularity recently. On kraft paper, we can print with white ink.

Folding types – flyer printing

The choice of paper folding method determines the final effect. Your flyers can be folded in half, C-fold, Z-fold, window fold, accordion fold, or map fold. Depending on the format and folding method, we distinguish:

  • Standard Flyers – single sheets, unfolded
  • Folded Leaflets – depending on the format and desired effect, we use several folding methods for advertising flyers and brochures: half-fold, C-fold, Z-fold, window fold, accordion fold.
  • Pharmaceutical Flyers – used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. They are an addition to cosmetics, usually requiring folding to the smallest possible format.
  • Standard Formats – advertising flyer printing

The most commonly used dimensions:

  • A4 (210×297 mm) vertical/horizontal orientation – standard size of office paper. When folded in half, it creates an A5 format.
  • A5 (148×210 mm) vertical/horizontal orientation – half the size of A4, suitable for larger print runs when readability of the material is desired, and when using a double-sided flyer format.
  • A6 (105×148 mm) vertical orientation – half of A5. A very small format that can be easily distributed at trade shows or other events requiring large quantities of flyers.
  • Square (210×210 mm) – originating from standard format sizes, this is an unusual shape but doesn’t require die-cutting. It serves well to stand out from the competition.
  • DL (99×210 mm) – a size equal to 1/3 of A4. It’s an elongated, narrow shape, ideal for providing information about services or products concisely and accessibly. This format is also created by folding an A4 sheet into 3. The advantage of this format is the ability to send it in a standard, narrow envelope (DL).

The parameters of pharmaceutical flyers are determined individually, depending on the size of the flyer, the number of folds, and the box to which it is to be applied.

Enhancements for advertising flyers

The type of enhancement used affects the character, quality, and durability. We can enhance in several ways:

  • Matte/gloss lamination – strengthens and protects and enhances the appearance. It helps to avoid cracking on folds.
  • Soft-touch lamination – also strengthens and protects and adds a velvet touch effect.
  • UV varnish – allows to highlight graphic elements such as logos, titles.
  • Hot stamping and foil stamping

Delivery method – flyer printing

We can deliver your flyers to any location in the country and within the EU. The delivery cost depends on the weight and destination and the method of packaging. Upon your request, we can organize flyer distribution directly to sales representatives, branches, or stores.

For districts of Warsaw such as Mokotów, Ursynów, Wilanów, Wola, Ochota, Centrum, Śródmieście, and the surrounding areas, we offer delivery with our own transport, which speeds up the process and reduces the risk of damage to the shipment. For customers from further locations, we offer courier delivery to any place in Poland. For other locations, we use the services of professional courier companies: DHL, DPD, INPOST.

Order for printing advertising leaflets

Calculations and all arrangements regarding the printing of leaflets are provided exclusively via email, allowing us to always refer back to specifics. We will respond to you as quickly as possible. The entire ordering process, including sample printing, can be completed remotely. Before final acceptance of the printing order, we check the files for quality and correct settings.

If you still have doubts about which paper, format, and enhancements to choose, we invite you to contact us. We will explain, advise, and together we will choose the best solution:

Feel free to take advantage of our offer. We guarantee fast implementation, excellent quality, and comprehensive service 🙂

Additional service related to leaflet printing – graphic design

Additionally, at your disposal, we offer a graphic design studio with an experienced team that will prepare the graphic design, check, or even fix your files.

For graphic design inquiries, please contact us at:


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