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Business Card Printing


We offer business card printing in both digital technology (for low quantities and short turnaround times) and offset technology (for medium and high quantities) on modern Heidelberg machines. For business card printing, we provide various types of coated and uncoated papers as well as decorative papers in different weights ranging from 350g to 400g.

To enhance the quality, we can embellish them with matte, gloss, or soft touch lamination. Additionally, we offer foil stamping, silver stamping, die-cutting, and spot UV varnishing. There is also the possibility of using special printing with neon toners or those visible only under UV light. On Kraft ecological paper and colored papers, we print with white ink.

Our services are available in Poland as well as in most European countries.

Types of business cards in our offer

Standard Business Cards


  • Business card format: 85×55 mm, 90×50 mm
  • Paper: matte / glossy coated paper or offset paper, 350-400g
  • Color: black and white (1+1) / full color (4+4)
  • Turnaround time: 1-2 days – digital printing, 3-5 days – offset printing

Premium Business Cards


  • Business card format: 85×55 mm, 90×50 mm
  • Paper: matte / glossy coated paper or offset paper, 350-400g
  • Color: black and white (1+1) / full color (4+4) + additional Pantone color (5+5)
  • Finishing: matte / glossy / soft touch lamination, spot UV varnish, foil stamping
  • Turnaround time: 1-2 days – digital printing, 3-5 days – offset printing, depending on specifications

Other types of prints in digital technology

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Each inquiry in our printing house is priced individually. We calculate the estimate based on the inquiry sent by email,
and we promptly send the quotation. We offer assistance in preparing files for printing.

Technical specifications for business card printing

High-Quality Business Card Printing

Handing out a business card is often the best way to make a business connection. That’s why it’s essential for a business card to represent the character of the company or the individual and contain all the necessary information. We print business cards on high-quality coated, offset, or decorative papers with a weight of 350-400g.

Paper type and weight

We typically print on coated paper (matte/glossy), offset paper, or decorative paper with a weight of 350-400g. To enhance quality, lamination can be applied. We also offer decorative papers, colored throughout the mass, which are used for premium-quality business card printing. Recently, there has been a growing interest in white ecological paper in offset or coated versions and brown paper (kraft). We can print white on kraft paper.

Standard formats

The most common dimensions are:

  • 85×55 mm
  • 90×50 mm

Parameters for non-standard business cards are determined individually.

Enhancements for business cards

The type of enhancement used affects the character, quality, and durability. We can enhance business cards in several ways:

  • matte/glossy lamination – strengthens, protects, and enhances appearance. It prevents cracking at folds.
  • soft-touch lamination – also strengthens, protects, and adds a velvet touch effect.
  • UV varnish – highlights graphic elements such as logos and titles.
  • hot stamping and blind embossing

Delivery method – business card printing

We can deliver your business cards anywhere in the country and the EU. The cost of delivery depends on weight, destination, and packaging method. Upon request, we can organize distribution directly to sales representatives, branches, or stores.

For districts of Warsaw such as Mokotów, Ursynów, Wilanów, Wola, Ochota, Centrum, Śródmieście, and nearby areas, we offer delivery using our own transport, speeding up the process and minimizing the risk of damage. For clients from further locations, we offer courier delivery to any place in Poland. For other locations, we utilize the services of professional courier companies such as DHL, DPD, and INPOST.

Order for Business Card Printing

We provide calculations and all arrangements regarding business card printing exclusively via email, allowing us to always refer back to specifics. We’ll respond as quickly as possible. The entire ordering process, including test prints, can be conducted remotely. Before final acceptance of the printing order, we check the files for quality and correct settings.

If you still have doubts about choosing the paper, format, or enhancements, feel free to contact us. We’ll explain, advise, and together we’ll choose the best solution:

Feel free to take advantage of our offer. We guarantee fast realization, excellent quality, and comprehensive service 🙂

Additional service related to business card printing – graphic design

Additionally, we offer you access to our graphic design studio, with an experienced team that will create a graphic design, or check and even fix your files.

For graphic design projects, please contact us at:

The cost of developing a business card graphic design and preparing it for printing starts from 50 PLN net.


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