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Booklets printing Warsaw 
Printing of catalogs Warsaw | brochures printing house | booklet printing | brochure printing Warsaw

Booklets printing is our specialization! We print booklets, catalogs, brochures using both digital technology (for low quantities and short turnaround times) and offset printing (for medium to high quantities) on modern Heidelberg machines, ensuring vibrant colors and precise detail reproduction. We produce stitched booklet, perfect bound (glued) catalogs, and spiral-bound brochures. Stitched brochures are made using a professional booklet line with the option of spine flattening by Plockmatic. For catalog printing, we offer a wide range of coated and uncoated papers, as well as decorative papers, ranging from 90g to 400g. To enhance quality, we can additionally finish the cover with matte, gloss, or soft-touch lamination. Upon request, we provide gold foiling, silver foiling, embossing, and spot UV varnishing. For the most demanding projects, we can apply special printing techniques using neon toners or UV-visible inks. Moreover, we print on eco-friendly Kraft paper and colored papers with white ink.

Our services are available throughout the country and Europe.

Types of catalog printing in our offer

Saddle-Stitched booklets | stitched brochures


  • Booklet Format: A5, A4, square 21x21cm
  • Cover Paper: matte / glossy coated paper or offset paper, 130-350g
  • Inner Paper: matte / glossy coated paper or offset paper, 60-250g
  • Number of Pages (including cover): from 8 to max. 52 pages
  • Colour Options: black and white (1+1) / full colour (4+4) + additional Pantone colour (5+5)
  • Finishing Options: matte foil / glossy foil / soft-touch, spot UV varnish, gold foiling
  • Binding: stitched (booklet), flat staples or eyelets (for binders), Squarefolder flat spine
  • Turnaround Time: 1-2 days – digital printing, 3-5 days – offset printing

Perfect bound catalogs | glued catalogues od product


    • Catalogu Format: A5, A4, square 21x21cm
    • Cover Paper: matte / glossy coated paper or offset paper, 130-350g
    • Inner Paper: matte / glossy coated paper or offset paper, 60-250g
    • Number of Pages (including cover): from 48 pages
    • Colour Options: black and white (1+1) / full colour (4+4) + additional Pantone colour (5+5)
    • Finishing Options: matte foil / glossy foil / soft-touch, spot UV varnish, gold foiling
    • Binding: PUR glued, perfect bound (very strong binding), hotmelt glued (only for offset paper)
    • Turnaround Time: 2-3 days – digital printing, 3-5 days – offset printing

    Other types of prints using offset printing technology

    Tips on what to include in a price inquiry and how to prepare a PDF file for printing.

    Price list for catalog printing


    To prepare an accurate calculation, please include the following information in your inquiry:

    • net format
    • number of pages
    • print run
    • type of paper and weight
    • color scheme
    • finishing
    • binding type
    • finishing options

    Detailed information will allow us to determine a competitive price and possibly a short turnaround time while maintaining the highest quality.

    Printing instructions


    During the preparation of files for printing attention should be paid to the following:

    • Ensure that all graphics are in CMYK color space (the use of RGB graphics is not allowed).
    • Ensure that all graphics have the recommended resolution of 300 dpi (minimum 240 dpi).
    • Embed fonts in the file or convert them to curves.Include bleed (3-5 mm) meaning that graphics extend beyond the crop marks.
    • Ensure that colors are defined in CMYK.
    • Ensure that Pantone colors UV varnish masks and die lines are vector objects defined as additional colors.


    For a complete set of detailed information please refer to the “How to Prepare a File for Printing” section.

    Contact Us
    Each inquiry in our printing house is priced individually. We calculate the estimate based on the inquiry sent by email,
    and we promptly send the quotation. We offer assistance in preparing files for printing.

    Technical Specification for Catalog Printing

    Print run and printing technology – catalog printing

    Depending on the delivery time and print quantity, we propose two printing technologies for catalog production. In short, digital printing allows for quick turnaround times and is cost-effective for small to medium print runs. Offset printing, on the other hand, is more economical for large print runs but may have slightly longer lead times. Both technologies produce high-quality materials effectively.

    Depending on their purpose, we distinguish several types:

    1. Product catalogues
    2. Advertising catalogues
    3. Promotional brochures

    These differ in their usage, thus requiring tailored paper type, weight, and finishing.

    Paper type, grammage – booklets printing

    We typically print on coated paper (matte/glossy coated) or uncoated paper. For the economical version, we use low grammage paper ranging from 60-90g. For catalogues with a large number of photos, we suggest thicker paper starting from 130g to prevent photo bleed-through. If the cover is thicker, such as 170g, 250g, 350g, enhancements like lamination can be applied. We mostly use matte coated paper. Additionally, we offer decorative papers, coloured in bulk, which are used in premium quality publications. Furthermore, we print on white ecological paper in both offset and coated versions, as well as brown paper (kraft). White colour printing is possible on kraft paper.

    Types of binding – corporate brochures printing – high quality and durability

    The choice of paper type is often influenced by the envisioned appearance of the printed catalogue, but in reality, it’s not the sole determining factor. It’s important to consider the binding as well. Your publication can be bound in stitched, glued, or spiral form depending on the intended usage, paper weight, and number of pages.


      Stitched binding for catalogues involves stitching the pages together with metal staples or eyelets (euro staples), allowing them to be placed in a binder. Stitched catalogues are highly durable and lay flat. The number of pages must be divisible by 4. It’s worth noting that this method is suitable for a limited number of pages. Depending on the paper weight used, the maximum number of pages ranges from 60-120. Digitally printed stitched catalogues can be finished with a square folder technique, providing a similar effect to glued catalogues while still allowing for lay-flat capabilities. Stitched binding is also commonly used for brochure printing.


      This type of binding doesn’t lay flat but allows for binding a larger number of pages. PUR binding is very durable and flexible, with no cracking of the spine. The cover design needs to accommodate the spine width, which depends on the number of pages. This method is also used for producing branded notebooks.

    If you have doubts about preparing the cover or determining the spine thickness, please contact us at:

    Standard formats – advertising catalogue printing

    The most commonly used dimensions are:

    • A4 (210×297 mm) portrait / landscape orientation
    • A5 (148×210 mm) portrait / landscape orientation
    • A6 (105×148 mm) portrait orientation
    • Square (210×210 mm)

    Cover enhancements – cover varnishing, foliation

    The choice of enhancement affects the character, quality, and durability of the catalogue. We can enhance in several ways:

    • Matte / Glossy foliation – strengthens, protects, and enhances the appearance, preventing cracking on folds.
    • Soft touch foliation – also strengthens, protects, and adds a velvet touch effect.
    • UV varnish – allows for selective highlighting of graphic elements such as logos or titles.
    • Hot Stamping and Foil Stamping without a matrix

    Delivery method – catalogue printing

    We can deliver your catalogues to any location within the country and the EU. The delivery cost depends on the weight, destination, and packaging method. Upon request, we can organize distribution directly to sales representatives, branches, or shops.

    For districts in London such as Mokotów, Ursynów, Wilanów, Wola, Ochota, Centrum, Śródmieście, and nearby areas, we offer delivery with our own transport, which speeds up the process and reduces the risk of damage. For clients from further areas, we offer courier delivery to any location in the UK. For other locations, we utilize professional courier services such as DHL, DPD, and INPOST.

    Order for printing advertising catalogues, brochures printing

    Calculations and all arrangements regarding order fulfillment are communicated exclusively via email, ensuring we can always refer back to specifics. We’ll respond to you as promptly as possible. The entire ordering process, including the printing of proofs, can be completed remotely. Before final acceptance of the print job, we inspect files for quality and correct settings.

    If you still have doubts about which paper, format, or enhancements to choose, please feel free to contact us. We’ll clarify, advise, and together select the best solution:

    We warmly invite you to take advantage of our product and service offerings at our digital and offset printing facility. We offer fast turnaround, cost-effective perfect bound catalogue printing, and comprehensive service 🙂

    Additional service related to catalogue printing – graphic design service

    Additionally, we offer you access to our graphic design studio, with an experienced team that will prepare a high-quality graphic design for your catalogue or check and even fix your files.

    For inquiries regarding graphic design projects, please feel free to contact us at:


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    Dear Customers, due to the organization of the printing process, orders with same-day pickup deadlines are fulfilled after prior telephone contact.
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