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Printing of self-adhesive labels
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We offer printing of self-adhesive labels using digital or offset technology. Depending on your needs and the print run size, we offer label printing on sheets or rolls. Our range includes various substrates: coated papers, uncoated (offset) papers, kraft papers, self-adhesive or adhesive films. In sheet printing, you have the option to choose substrates with or without perforations.

Our services are available throughout the country and Europe.

Types of self-adhesive labels in our offer

Labels on sheets

  • material: foil or paper
  • finish: matte or glossy
  • substrate: with or without perforations
  • minimum quantity: 100-1000 labels depending on the format

Labels on rolls

  • material: foil or paper
  • finish: matte or glossy
  • minimum quantity: 10,000 labels depending on the format

Other types of prints using digital technology

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Each inquiry in our printing house is priced individually. We calculate the estimate based on the inquiry sent by email,
and we promptly send the quotation. We offer assistance in preparing files for printing.

Technical specifications for printing product labels

Printing product labels for packaging

Labels primarily serve informational purposes, often complementing the information provided on the packaging. They are used when it’s necessary to translate information on existing packaging. They contain various product details, including unit information such as production date, barcode, unit number, serial number, etc. They are most commonly printed on self-adhesive material, which can be either paper or film. It’s worth noting that using transparent film expands the application possibilities of labels even further. Depending on the quantity and size of the label, they can be printed on sheets or rolls using digital or offset technology.

The final product in the form of labels can take various forms. After printing, the sheets can remain intact, only perforated to facilitate the removal of the label from the sheet, or they can be cut and supplied as individual stickers/labels.

While rectangular labels can be divided using a guillotine, cutting according to the designed shape requires die-cutting or plotting. Therefore, choosing a reputable printing house that can produce labels in high quality and in any technique is very important.

For large quantities exceeding 10,000 pieces, the labels are wound on rolls, allowing for the use of labelers or dispensers.


Most commonly used substrates in label printing

Self-adhesive paper Coated

  • matte
  • perforated substrate
  • non-perforated substrate

Self-adhesive film

  • white / Clear
  • matte / Glossy
  • perforated substrate
  • non-perforated substrate

Self-adhesive paper Offset

  • non-perforated substrate

Self-adhesive paper Decorative

  • non-perforated substrate
  • delicate ecru color

Die-cutting labels into shape

Najprostszy do wykonania jest prostokątny kształt etykiety, ze względu na łatwość nacięcia/wycięcia z arkusza, po linii prostej. Etykiety mogę mieć praktycznie w dowolny kształt na dowolnym podłożu samoprzylepnym. Do wycinania stosuje się sztancę z wykrojnikiem lub nacina się arkusze za pomocą plotera. Obie metody pozwalają na całkowite wycięcie naklejki, lub jedynie nacięcie warstwy samoprzylepnej, bez naruszenia podłoża.

Finishing options for label printing

Here are some finishing options available in our printing house:

  • die-cutting – cutting into irregular shapes based on a die or using a cutting plotter
  • varnishing and selective UV varnishing – varnishing protects the print, increasing its durability and resistance to external conditions, while selective varnishing adds a glossy effect to selected parts of the print
  • hot stamping (gilding, silvering) – applying a thin layer of metallic foil to the print. It allows for achieving a gilded or silvered effect. Besides gold and silver colors, other colored metallic foils are available
  • printing with additional colors – White, necessary for transparent foil or kraft paper, as well as NeonPink, NeonYellow, Invisible Red (visible under UV light), Clear digital spot varnish

Order for label and sticker printing

Calculations and all arrangements regarding order fulfillment are provided exclusively via email, allowing us to always refer back to specifics. We will respond to you as quickly as possible. The entire ordering process, including sample printing, can be conducted remotely. Before final acceptance of the print job, we check files for quality and correct settings.

If you still have doubts about which paper to choose, the format, or finishes, feel free to contact us. We will clarify, advise, and jointly select the best solution:

We invite you to take advantage of our offer. We guarantee fast delivery, excellent quality, and comprehensive service 🙂

Additional service related to label printing – graphic design project

Additionally, we offer you access to our graphic design studio, staffed with an experienced team who will create a high-quality label design, or review and even fix your files.

For inquiries regarding graphic design projects, please contact us at:


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