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  1. This regulation defines the principles of cooperation with GraffPrint Printing House (trade name) registered as a sole proprietorship under the name: Graffidea Agnieszka Dryzek, located at: Puławska 34 building 6, 05-500 Piaseczno, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 951 166 69 92, Statistical Number (REGON): 142970949, bank account number: PL 17116022020000000194894159
  2. Contact details: telephone number and email are provided on the website
  3. The name “GraffPrint” is the trade name of the printing house. The printing house’s website is located at
  4. Graffidea Agnieszka Dryzek conducts service activities consisting of printing and binding services based on individual customer orders. These are personalized services according to individual designs or provided patterns, i.e., individual orders.
  5. This regulation defines:
    • the manner of using the services offered by the printing house,
    • scope of liability,
    • rules regarding orders and conclusion of contracts,
    • rules for preparing materials for printing and executing orders,
    • payment terms, delivery, and complaints.


  1. Orders can only be placed by email at
  2. The contract is concluded upon:
    • receipt of confirmation of order acceptance by the Printing House by email from the address provided on the website
    • confirmation by email of the correctness of print files by the Printing House
    • payment confirmation on the account in case of required prepayment
  3. Placing an order signifies consent to issue an electronic invoice.
  4. Incomplete or incorrect orders have a “Pending” status without a set completion deadline.


  1. The Printing House is not responsible for the content contained in materials sent for printing by the Customer.
  2. The Customer declares that they have the rights to print and process the materials provided.
  3. The Customer bears full responsibility for legal defects arising from the materials provided for printing, including copyright.
  4. The Printing House does not verify the correctness of content in print files sent by the Customer.
  5. Print files should be prepared according to the guidelines specified on the website under the tab: How to prepare a print file.
  6. GraffPrint Printing House is not responsible for incorrectly prepared files in technical and textual terms.


  1. The condition for order execution is sending correct print files or accepting files generated in the graphic studio of Graffprint printing house.
  2. The Printing House is not responsible for delays resulting from:
    • lack of acceptance of print files,
    • lack of payment in case of required prepayment,
    • discrepancy between the content of print files and the specification sent by the Customer via email.
  3. Production files are those that do not contain errors and do not require corrections.
  4. The order completion deadline is provided in business days, counted from the next day after acceptance for printing and payment confirmation.
  5. The offered price is a net price, to which VAT tax must be added according to applicable regulations.
  6. The Printing House reserves the right to refuse order execution in case of submission of files inconsistent with technical specifications or containing content infringing the law.
  7. The order should include:
    • client’s details contact
    • phone number
    • email address
    • description of the order and quantity
    • method of product pickup and/or complete delivery address with contact details of the recipient.


  1. GraffPrint Printing House accepts payments in the following forms:
    • bank transfer to the Printing House’s account:
      PL 17116022020000000194894159
      EUR 26116022020000000262961710
    • card payment upon personal pickup
  2. We do not accept cash payments or cash on delivery.
  3. Prepayments are made to the printing house’s account based on a Proforma invoice.


  1. Possible delivery methods:
    • shipment by DHL courier
    • delivery by own transport
    • personal pickup – by prior arrangement.


  1. Complaints should be submitted to:
  2. Each complaint is considered individually.
  3. Conditions for complaints:
    • the complaint concerns goods not in accordance with the order or damaged
    • complaints are accepted on working days during the printing office hours from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
    • defects in part of the order do not entitle to a complaint for the entire order
  4. The following deviations are permissible:
    • when cutting into sheets: deviation from the format +/- 1 mm
    • during folding and creasing: deviation of the fold location +/- 1 mm
    • during perforation: deviation of the perforation location +/- 1 mm
    • in the case of digital printing of spot varnish: deviation of +/- 1 mm
    • quantitative and qualitative differences between the ordered and realized product – not exceeding +/- 5% of the quantity specified in the order
  5. The printing office ensures faithful reproduction of the colors contained in the file. However, due to technological differences, the lack of color consistency between the print and the image on the monitor cannot be a reason for lodging a complaint.
  6. When folding paper with a grammage above 150g, fiber cracking effects are observed, especially in heavily printed areas. The printing office uses creasing to reduce this effect, however, creasing does not fully prevent fiber cracking. This is not a basis for lodging a complaint.
  7. Complaints regarding damaged shipments will be considered only based on the damage report issued by the courier company. Complaints about damaged shipments should be submitted no later than 3 days after receiving the shipment.
  8. Damage to the goods must be documented.
  9. Goods not in accordance with the order or damaged must be left at the disposal of the Printing Office until the complaint is processed.
  10. The printing office is not responsible for delayed delivery of the shipment.
  11. Unclaimed or refused shipments are returned to the Printing Office at the recipient’s expense. Failure to collect the shipment does not release from the obligation to pay for the order fulfillment.


  1. Placing an order in accordance with the provisions is equivalent to accepting the regulations.
  2. Matters not regulated by these Regulations are governed by the provisions of universally applicable law.
  3. All disputes will be settled according to Polish law by the competent common courts for the registered office of the Printing House.
  4. These Regulations are effective from November 1, 2023.